Definition of lengthman in English:



  • A person employed to maintain a section of road or railway.

    • ‘Only Westen - hanger, Chilham, Grove Ferry and Wye had fewer than five staff, and that does not include lengthmen.’
    • ‘Employing two lengthmen or handymen is another possibility, said Coun Francis.’
    • ‘Most rural stations had a staff of at least six, and perhaps up to a dozen, who them carried out the duties of stationmaster, signalman, booking clerk, ticket collector, porter, shunter, lengthman and lampman.’
    • ‘But when each village station had a staff of up to a dozen, all told, plus the local lengthmen, platelayers and the like, the railway must have featured large in the village economy on a national scale.’
    • ‘But all the councils have set their precepts for this year and the only way they could afford to employ a lengthman would be to raise the parish precepts next year.’