Definition of legwork in English:



mass noun
  • Work that involves much travelling about to collect information, especially when such work is difficult but boring.

    ‘why don't we just hire a flunky and get him to do the legwork for us?’
    • ‘With only a fraction of their financial firepower, he and his volunteers will have a lot of legwork to do.’
    • ‘To get access to school bonds, you have to do a lot of legwork.’
    • ‘That will require a lot of legwork, he cautioned.’
    • ‘And it proved that if you are prepared to put in a bit of legwork and be brazen enough to ask, you really can get some reasonable bargains.’
    • ‘However, many of the websites that charge a fee will do this legwork for you.’
    • ‘No matter where you travel, however, there are free events and activities that just take a little planning and legwork to find.’
    • ‘You'll need to do some legwork to see what sort of schools fall into your savings range.’
    • ‘Josh Claybourn, one of the founders of ITA, figured it was probably a fake and did a lot of legwork to try and find out for sure.’
    • ‘Little legwork was required in this instance, though.’
    • ‘I know, I completely rely on other people to do all the real legwork.’
    • ‘Have today's journalists removed themselves from doing the proper legwork?’
    • ‘But such legwork does far more than inform them of what their co-medium is thinking.’
    • ‘It takes determination, organization, and a lot of legwork - and that's just the beginning.’
    • ‘The old Bulgarian Ministry of Trade and Tourism was helpful in the past but there is still a lot of legwork for him to do.’
    • ‘Finding the mechanic took some legwork, but Patroni found the man and his garage.’
    • ‘However, they hope the preliminary legwork will pay off.’
    • ‘Of course, you can search for a sales rep or distributor yourself, but he prepared for a lot of legwork.’
    • ‘If you have your own set of burning questions, you will have to do your own legwork, so to speak.’
    • ‘Finding a mental health provider takes some legwork.’
    • ‘If you are interested in pursuing this, let me know and I'll do some additional legwork.’
    preliminary work, preliminaries, preparations, preparatory measures, basic work, spadework, hard work, donkey work, hack work
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