Definition of legman in English:



  • 1A person employed to do simple tasks such as running errands.

    • ‘There's a detective agency with an unusual boss and even stranger legmen.’
    • ‘In effect, however, they are acting as legmen for organized crime, which has turned southern Africa's stolen scrap into a lucrative industry.’
    • ‘Wolfe needs Fritz, I feel, more than he needs Theodore, or you, the legman.’
    • ‘He starred along with J.T. Terlesky (later calling himself John) as college students looking for some extra income and excitement by hiring themselves out as legmen to a bail bondsman played for two episodes by Don Calfa and after that by Claude Akins.’
    • ‘Spotters trolled the city for pregnant women, and contacts or legmen approached pregnant women who seemed in need of help.’
    1. 1.1North American A reporter whose job it is to gather information about news stories at the scene of the event or from an original source.
      • ‘He works closely with reporters, trading sources and information and using them as legmen.’
      • ‘Rick Bragg flew to cities where he collected clips and the work of legmen, but often did little or no reporting on his own.’
      • ‘For the writer without a personal legman, there are other options.’
      • ‘Fed by press agents, tipsters, legmen and ghost writers, he possessed the extraordinary ability to make a Broadway show a hit, create overnight celebrities; enhance or destroy a political career.’
      • ‘Telephones were brand new, allowing legmen to call in the details to rewrite and get the story into the paper within minutes.’