Definition of legitimize in English:


(also legitimise)


  • Make legitimate.

    ‘voters legitimize the government through the election of public officials’
    • ‘When communities can't control the influx of outsiders and the outsiders are legitimised by central authorities then there is a problem.’
    • ‘At some point, the judiciary may need to get involved in that procedure to legitimize it and give the detainees some due process.’
    • ‘Clause 56, therefore, simply codifies the practice which has grown up and legitimises it.’
    • ‘In truth, disclosure laws have legitimized a form of official corruption - sanitizing activities by publicizing them.’
    • ‘The international community's role should be to support this self-liberation, not legitimize the illegitimate.’
    • ‘So the bill legitimises perjury and it legitimises breaches of the Oaths and Declarations Act.’
    • ‘Held consequently promotes the idea of a transnational democratic legal order circumscribed and legitimized by democratic public law.’
    • ‘Ironically this process was endorsed and socially legitimised by the Varna system.’
    • ‘Oakland county authorities pursued the case against Abraham in order to establish a precedent and legitimize the 1997 law.’
    • ‘Bringing them into the process of policy making legitimises them and bolsters their authority.’
    • ‘Now he is suggesting that such steps be legitimized and sanctioned in advance.’
    • ‘When we write something, we are legitimizing it and legitimizing the distinctions those words bring forth.’
    • ‘In a sense, he is retroactively legitimising his curatorial work by casting it as a definitive art movement of the 1990s.’
    • ‘Stamps serve to proclaim and legitimize the authority of rulers.’
    • ‘Nor does she think that the legislation legitimising it is likely to be revoked in the near future.’
    • ‘With the legalisation of the paramilitaries, they hope to legitimise impunity for these crimes against the Colombian people.’
    • ‘The act legitimized Lincoln's suspensions of habeas corpus and approved future suspensions for the duration of the war.’
    • ‘That is a valiant attempt to legitimize the doctrine of common origin, but the logic on which it is based is, I think, fallacious.’
    • ‘The legal institution of marriage legitimises some relationships and denies others.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the mainstream politicians who support this policy legitimize racism.’
    validate, legitimate, permit, warrant, authorize, sanction, license, give the stamp of approval to, condone, justify, vindicate, endorse, approve, support, sustain
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