Definition of legged in English:



  • 1in combination Having legs of a specified kind or number.

    ‘bare-legged women’
    ‘a three-legged dog’
    ‘a three-legged chair’
    • ‘Each sister had their own cell, furnished with a plank bed and straw mattress, a three legged chair and a wooden cross.’
    • ‘What can I wear to make myself look taller and long legged?’
    • ‘Two bare legged women wore black short shorts.’
    • ‘Their four-legged best friends accompanied them too.’
    • ‘Being short legged, he seemed even smaller near Paul.’
    • ‘It stood bull legged on two tree-trunk-thick legs, ending in equally large feet.’
    • ‘Like the goat legged females on the pedestal, the figure seems to convey despair.’
    • ‘Cats are little more than four legged hunters.’
    • ‘He plays guitar standing bow legged and rocked way back - but looking cool.’
    • ‘A black legged tick had bitten patients about 3 to 20 days before.’
    1. 1.1 (of a garment) having parts covering the legs of a specified kind.
      ‘wide-legged trousers’
      • ‘The pants are wide legged and the jacket is unstructured single breasted.’
      • ‘Stretchy tops mixed with looser legged pants also help bring out your hips more so your waist doesn't look the same width.’
      • ‘The boys looked tough in wide legged trousers and heavy coats.’
      • ‘This colourful range of ragged see-through tops is teamed with neat looking A-line skirts and wide legged trousers.’
      • ‘Cropped trousers and narrow legged combats will be preferred over shorts and Bermudas as more suitable summer town wear.’
      • ‘They are promoting the latest line in beige saggy arsed skinny legged trousers from the shop.’
      • ‘Bellbottoms are big, wide, bell-shaped legged pants worn by many a hippy.’
      • ‘They advocate beards and short legged trousers!’
      • ‘He wore straight legged brown pants that stopped mid calf.’
      • ‘I'm swaddled in long legged pants to hide the twenty separate bruises.’