Definition of legal profession in English:

legal profession


the legal profession
  • 1The profession of practising law.

    ‘she has worked in the legal profession for twenty-five years’
    • ‘One of the driving forces behind the scholarship scheme, she said they were "breathing new life" into the legal profession.’
    • ‘He has retired from his practice after spending nearly three decades in the legal profession.’
    • ‘He invited members of the legal profession to contribute to reform.’
    • ‘Opponents in the legal profession no longer underestimate her.’
    • ‘Although some within the legal profession believe that a new grading system should be developed, this was a minority view.’
    1. 1.1treated as singular or plural The body of people who practise law.
      ‘why are the legal profession so highly paid?’
      • ‘The whole thing is a nice little earner for the legal profession.’
      • ‘Plans to allow financial institutions to provide conveyancing services were abandoned in 1994 following intensive lobbying by the legal profession.’
      • ‘These plans amount to "disproportionate" interference with the traditional role of parents, the legal profession has warned ministers.’
      • ‘The legal profession may believe the new regulations will lead to better employment practices, but the red tape can be a burden on small firms.’
      • ‘We all end up suing each other, and the legal profession are the only ones to benefit.’