Definition of leftist in English:



  • A person with left-wing political views.

    ‘these values are shared by many leftists’
    ‘the young leftist who seeks a remedy in politics for the ills of mankind’
    • ‘Even the most extreme leftists tend to start from the position of equality between persons.’
    • ‘By way of background, most British leftists have some degree of emotional attachment to our public services.’
    • ‘His predecessor is a radical leftist.’
    • ‘We were even courageous in front of an amphitheatre crowded with excited leftists.’
    • ‘The more rigid leftists condemned the festival.’
    • ‘Leftists are not the only ones making statements about corporate policies.’
    • ‘Do you really believe the Republican majority in the House and Senate would obey this radical leftist?’
    • ‘He was surrounded by leftists among all of his relatives.’
    • ‘Some were leftists, angry at the failure of socialism after the war.’
    • ‘It was quite a popular debating tactic in the 80's among leftists.’


  • Having or relating to left-wing political views.

    ‘leftist rebels’
    ‘leftist ideology’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a group of leftist radicals is on a crime spree of murder and robbery, arming themselves with automatic weapons, explosives, and rockets.’
    • ‘The air strikes caused a profound split inside leftist groups that could not decide which side they should support.’
    • ‘He contributed drawings to the leftist magazine for 17 years.’
    • ‘His political commentaries reveal much about American leftist politics of the 1930s and 1940s.’
    • ‘He also held strong leftist sympathies.’
    • ‘In this new film, his leftist politics may be evident but they are never stated.’
    • ‘In 1947, many leftist filmmakers were treated as outlaws, and it's not surprising that they made some of their best films from the point of view of criminals.’
    • ‘His work has often taken the critical power of leftist thought as a theme.’
    • ‘He didn't have a leftist background at all, but he had access to information and money.’
    • ‘It would be easy to condemn the film as leftist, anti-American propaganda.’