Definition of leftism in English:



mass noun
  • The political views or policies of the left.

    ‘she wrote an article which was highly critical of leftism’
    • ‘After all, the defense of vulnerable men and women is classic leftism.’
    • ‘There, in the 1960s, it met the newer, harsher leftism of the anti-imperialist socialist movements - both Soviet-inspired and anti-Soviet.’
    • ‘Although he shared the Grierson gang's instinctive leftism, he was never quite trusted by them.’
    • ‘I can't make any categorical statements about the history of student leftism.’
    • ‘The first was the militant leftism of groups like Students for Democratic Society while the second was the libertarianism of the counter culture.’
    • ‘Modern leftism needs to root out its failed Marxism.’
    • ‘And here a certain sort of libertarianism comes full circle to join hands with a certain sort of leftism.’
    • ‘Well, I wouldn't use Democrats as a model for libertarian leftism.’
    • ‘Many university lefties aren't actually convinced by leftism enough to actually hold true to it when they graduate and the pressures of the working life start pushing in.’
    • ‘Intellectual leftism is grounded in elitism, the idea that a certain subclass of individuals has a vastly superior understanding of how the world ‘really’ works.’
    • ‘This form of leftism seems to be stemming from Europe, where the art of protest has been honed over thousands of years, and they're used to being sprayed with tear gas, mace and rubber bullets for their efforts.’
    • ‘As its subtitle indicates, it is about the underground, the hidden traditions of bohemianism and leftism that lie beneath the surface of capitalist America.’
    • ‘Considering the gory mess various forms of leftism made of the 20th century, this is really a back-handed compliment!’
    • ‘In international matters, the common western front of the Cold War required Canada's less stringent repression of leftism to remain domestic and provincial.’
    • ‘Against Sartre's blind consistency, Foucault's postmodern leftism substituted haphazard shifts, though keeping intact destructive political conclusions.’
    • ‘That is, you don't just stick with traditional leftism.’
    • ‘One wonders, however, if he fully subscribes to the vulgar leftism his argument suggests.’
    • ‘The Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby declared, ‘Today campus leftism is not merely prevalent.’’
    • ‘What is so wonderful about leftism is the idea that we're all equal and that none of us should live that much better than anyone else.’