Definition of left hand in English:

left hand


  • 1The hand of a person's left side.

    • ‘Jon finally saw the similarly made gold wedding bands that adorned their left hands and the connection and affection that existed between them.’
    • ‘These results held whether the right-handed participants pantomimed with their right or left hands.’
    • ‘As the horse continued to rear up, the rider held the reins with his left hand and thrust his right hand into the air.’
    • ‘I examined a small callous on the middle finger of my left hand, right underneath my fingernail.’
    • ‘Nobody knows what causes about one in 10 people to have dominant left hands.’
    • ‘Over 20 children played games, painted and ate their lunch only using their left hands.’
    • ‘People who agree with the statement raise their right hands, while people who disagree raise their left hands.’
    • ‘The fingernails on my right hand are long and the fingernails on my left hand are short.’
    • ‘My nails were long and painted and I wore a single, silver thumb ring on my left hand.’
    • ‘I got the idea from the early episodes of Angel, where both he and Doyle wore Claddagh rings on their left hands.’
    • ‘He kept his right hand outstretched and his left hand on his dagger that hung at his waist.’
    • ‘At the time of the study, I was not interested in whether they used their left hands or their right hands, so I didn't record it.’
    • ‘Left-handed children who are prevented from using their their left hands often develop symptoms such as a stutter.’
    • ‘Their sister, Lucy Rennwand, was allowed to attend their swearing in - the boys placed their left hands on Oskar's drum, which they thought of as their symbol.’
    • ‘After the mitts were removed patients were asked to clench their left hands and in each a tourniquet was applied 10 cm proximal to the wrist and the hand relaxed.’
    • ‘His left hand dove into my hair and his other hand gripped my neck painfully.’
    • ‘As the loops are gathered in the left hand the right hand controls the spin of the reel.’
    • ‘When he set me down, he took the ring from my hand and slid it onto the third finger of my left hand.’
    • ‘They went on chanting a peace song that mixed Hebrew and Arabic and then stood up clapping and shaking their left hands up in the air to repel evil.’
    • ‘Suddenly the door burst open and four prim-looking men with messy hair, all smoking pipes, with their left hands tucked into their jacket pockets came rushing in.’
    1. 1.1 The region or direction on the left side of a person or thing.
      ‘there was a vast forest on the left hand’


  • 1attributive On or towards the left side of a person or thing.

    ‘his left-hand pocket’
    • ‘In the far left hand corner of that room was a staircase going up to the second floor.’
    • ‘It's about fascism, and you can see the links to the whole series in the left-hand side of his front page.’
    • ‘The traffic lights have been put in place so that a section of the left-hand side of the road coming into Athy could be cordoned off.’
    • ‘Some sensors for recording the temperatures in the hydraulic systems on the left-hand side of the spacecraft go offline.’
    • ‘Mark McGeown, the Airdrie goalkeeper, could only watch as the ball arced towards the top left-hand corner and in off the post.’
    • ‘I'd often stare at the statue of Beethoven I kept on the left-hand side of my desk.’
    • ‘Korea win a free-kick on the left-hand side of Germany's box and win a corner.’
    • ‘Its cushion can be folded under the seat on the left-hand side, and a console with cupholders and a storage box can be positioned in its place.’
    • ‘Ian Harty broke down the left-hand side before finding McDonald in the area.’
    • ‘It left the left-hand side of her face completely paralysed.’
    • ‘Hedgerows and fields make up the left hand side of the path with the old canal on the right.’
    • ‘The track ends but continue downhill along the left hand side of a narrow field.’
    • ‘Cross the stile and go around the left-hand side of the barn.’
    • ‘Some people have been forced to drive on the opposite side of the road because there is not enough room to get through on the left-hand side.’
    • ‘As Well belatedly settled, the young defender lined up a free kick 25 metres out and curled it towards the top left-hand corner.’
    • ‘The country's flag has a light blue background with six stars on the left-hand side and one large yellow star in the center.’
    • ‘And my morning cough is starting to be a little painful in the left-hand side of my back, about half-way down.’
    • ‘The bar at the left-hand side of the graph represents a traditional device.’
    • ‘The police report notes that there are left hand turn lanes going east and west on Mayfield.’
    • ‘On our right hand side is where cars were parked and there were no cars parked on the left hand side, which we were driving up.’
    left-hand, sinistral, at nine o'clock
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    1. 1.1 Done with or using the left hand.
      ‘an excellent left-hand catch by Smith’
      • ‘This mystery man is Ashok Gandotra, a left-hand batsman who won two Test caps for India.’
      • ‘Fuentes made a positive start, catching Brodie with crisp left-hand jabs.’


  • marry with the left hand

    • Marry morganatically.


left hand