Definition of left brain in English:

left brain


  • The left-hand side of the human brain, which is believed to be associated with linear and analytical thought.

    ‘Western education has addressed itself almost entirely to the left brain’
    as modifier ‘all my years of left-brain training’
    • ‘It is supposed to appeal to the left brain, right brain, and memory, fuelling creativity and unlocking the thought process of people across all ages.’
    • ‘Only monkey calls elicited marked activity in the left-brain region, which handles information about sounds that has already been processed by adjacent acoustic tissue.’
    • ‘However, performance plummeted for the seven participants with left-brain specialization for language and the seven with right-brain specialization when parts of their crucial neural hemisphere were suppressed.’
    • ‘In contrast, excess left-brain activity characterized young men who had had childhood depression.’
    • ‘To recognize faces and identify facial expression, both with equal skill, pre-pubescent boys use more of their right brain and pre-pubescent girls use more of their left brain.’
    • ‘These two activities are supposed to get your left brain and right brain working at the same time, reinvigorating your body and brain together.’
    • ‘A viewer certainly doesn't have to be a mathematical expert to appreciate what it offers, although those with a strong left-brain component may relate better to John Nash than right-brainers.’
    • ‘This may be hard to do with a Cabinet overrun with left-brain thinkers.’
    • ‘The left-brain association with tool use was strengthened by studies of two people who previously had the nerve fibers connecting their left and right hemispheres surgically severed to control severe epilepsy.’
    • ‘Normally, at work we do left-brain thinking, which is linear, rational, and logical.’
    • ‘Now how is that reflected in the right brain / left brain shift that we talking about earlier?’
    • ‘That's what happens when you simplify learning into a left-brain / right-brain duality.’
    • ‘Bakers are the left-brain types, comfortable with ratios, temperatures, and exact quantities.’
    • ‘He thinks that as machines and routinized processes using low-cost labor get better at the left-brain work, Americans will have to make better use of their right-brain capabilities.’
    • ‘What makes this film such a delight is how it can be viewed as both a left brain experience or a right brain experience.’
    • ‘Collier thinks the contest is between right-brain and left-brain thinking; he has pointed out that all of them are left-handed, while the other team is all right-handed.’
    • ‘There is a theory that Einstein as well as DaVinci used not only their left brain but also their right brain.’
    • ‘Naturally, he uses both left brain and right brain logic.’
    • ‘That's what you doctors always say; you can't accept something that goes beyond your narrow, linear, left-brain mindset.’
    • ‘Even though I'm good with technical subjects, I don't consider myself a left-brain thinker.’


left brain