Definition of left, right, and centre (also left and right or right and left) in English:

left, right, and centre (also left and right or right and left)


  • On all sides.

    ‘deals were being done left, right, and centre’
    • ‘People in this country are ripping off the taxpayer, left, right, and centre, and this bill provides another loophole.’
    • ‘The show borrows elements from much better shows left, right, and center and comes up with few of its own original ideas.’
    • ‘In a mild winter we are seeing people turning power off left, right, and centre.’
    • ‘You already ruled on this when Mr Mallard was on his feet insulting people left, right, and centre.’
    • ‘He was the Minister of Finance who cut funding left, right, and centre.’
    • ‘There will be the defrauding of charities left, right, and centre because those people will be permitted to be on them.’
    • ‘It is another classic example of this Labour Party taxing business left, right, and centre.’
    • ‘Every one of us - left, right, and center - has to be challenged to care for the church as it is, not as we would like it to be.’
    • ‘I'm turning theatre down left, right, and centre at the moment and I hope my plan pays off.’
    • ‘I have cases left, right, and centre of families that are receiving phone calls from teachers, asking them why their kids are not at school.’