Definition of leeboard in English:



  • A plank frame fixed to the side of a flat-bottomed boat and let down into the water to reduce drifting to the leeward side.

    • ‘The Chinese widely used leeboards and so I thought of replacing the bilgeboards by leeboards also.’
    • ‘He noticed that the leeboards were cumbersome, noisy and they tended to pick up debris.’
    • ‘An article on making a leeboard from laminated plywood is available.’
    • ‘The punt drew but three inches of water when her leeboard was up, and skimmed over the water at a wonderful rate.’
    • ‘Viewed from the front with her leeboard stored, the sharpie appears to have a jet intake on the port side.’
    • ‘This spacer fills the gap between side and leeboard when board is touching the gunwale and chine log.’
    • ‘Normally we would start with the sail, then on to the leeboard and finally on to the structure.’
    • ‘These two pieces have to align with the centerline of the hull and be in the same plane or the leeboard will jam.’
    • ‘For a leeboard that is clear enough, the higher it gets, the less the upward force of the water is co-operating.’
    • ‘This is an L-shaped bolt with wing nut that is used to clamp the leeboard bracket to the gunwales.’
    • ‘In practice the leeboard is strong enough to survive being left on one side when sailing on either tack.’
    • ‘More modern rigs generally use a leeboard on only one side of the boat, while older rigs have one on each side.’
    • ‘I figured she'd have leeboards and a very low single sail Chinese rig of no more than 63 square feet.’
    • ‘After the obstacle has been passed, the leeboards and the rudder resume their normal operating position.’
    • ‘The twin leeboards are positioned in the side sponsons which keeps the central section of the hull clear for personnel.’
    • ‘The mast, main sail, akas, amas, and leeboards all store in a bag that can be tied to the aft deck of the kayak.’
    • ‘I don't notice much difference with the sprit and the leeboard on the ‘wrong’ side of the boat.’
    • ‘But since this is a real dinghy when assembled, there is no reason any dinghy style leeboard would not work.’
    • ‘The leeboards made for good windward shelter in the cockpit, and the guards made a great boarding step.’
    • ‘I raised the leeboards, lifted the engine and rudder, and let the current sweep Whisper into the quiet lagoon.’