Definition of lee in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The sheltered side of something; the side away from the wind:

    ‘ducks were taking shelter on the lee of the island’
    Contrasted with weather
    • ‘You can normally tell the lee side from the windward side by looking for cornices.’
    • ‘I chose instead to fish the lee shore, hoping for a picture fish.’
    • ‘Canberra moved to the lee side of Christmas Island until the possible danger had passed.’
    • ‘I could see white caps in the channel, it was time to seek shelter on the lee shore.’
    • ‘The locals keep saying the lee side (the sunny side).’
    1. 1.1 Shelter from wind or weather given by an object:
      ‘he went round the front of the cab to be out of the wind and lit a cigarette in its lee’
      • ‘Suddenly, in the lee of a large dune, she spotted the glow of a campfire.’
      • ‘Choppy it was but as we got farther out into the lee of the outer islands the sea calmed considerably.’
      • ‘The pair had set up a tent in the lee of a dune.’
      • ‘A single vessel can moor in the lee of either island but it is not a comfortable place to stay.’
      • ‘The camp lies to the right in the lee of the cliff.’
      shelter, protection, cover, refuge, safety, security, sanctuary, haven, shield
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Old English hlēo, hlēow ‘shelter’, of Germanic origin; probably related to luke- in lukewarm.