Definition of lecythus in English:



  • A thin narrow-necked vase or flask from ancient Greece.

    • ‘The statue was found in a shed, along with fragments from the same statue and a segment of a marble lecythus.’
    • ‘Victors at the Olympic Games were given oil in special lecythi.’
    • ‘Many beautiful lecythi from the tombs of Athens are preserved in the British Museum.’
    • ‘The white Hellenistic house lecythus consist a particular category of funerary gifts put in the tombs of the Classical period.’
    • ‘In the other two are ancient vases, lecythi, statuettes and other Mycenaean, Geometrical, Corinthian, Boeotian, Attican and Hellenistic archaeological finds, on loan from the Archaeological Museum.’


Via late Latin from Greek lēkuthos.