Definition of leave someone/something alone in English:

leave someone/something alone


  • 1Abandon or desert someone or something.

    ‘she was frightened because he had left her alone’
    • ‘After all this activity, she is left alone for a solo that looked rather pointless, as if it had been tagged on for her benefit.’
    • ‘The construction of the hotel was mysteriously abandoned, and the grand building was left alone.’
    • ‘They both darted down the hallway, and with that, Stevey and I were left alone together.’
    • ‘A tram sped away from a stop leaving a five-year-old girl alone on the platform before her mum had time to get off.’
    • ‘But suddenly, their laughter was stopped by a sudden thunder, and they ran, leaving the boy alone.’
    • ‘After the truck was declared safe to leave alone, a tow truck arrived to pull the wreckage away.’
    • ‘There is a small part of me that is telling me not to leave them alone, but the majority of my head wishes to go to bed.’
    • ‘Avoid falls - never leave your baby alone on any elevated surface such as a changing table or sofa.’
    • ‘She wished that she hadn't left them alone in the house.’
    • ‘Audrey and Sid always do this - they invite the both of us along, but then go off and leave us alone…together.’
    fail to look after, fail to care for, fail to provide for, leave alone, abandon
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  • 2Stop disturbing, interfering with, or trying to improve someone or something.

    ‘if you see him on his way to school, just leave him alone’
    ‘she wished he would let her alone’
    ‘take my advice and leave well alone’
    • ‘Yep, leave them alone… if they are bothered they are liable to abandon the nest.’
    • ‘She wished she could go back and tell herself to leave that whole treasure chest alone.’
    • ‘The only way to truly cherish an ancient monument or other historic feature is to leave it alone, avoid it, plan around it.’
    • ‘I knew that the only way for Leslie to leave me alone about the whole thing would be to make her feel guilty.’
    • ‘Zach included me for a while, but Liz started to give me the impression I was interfering, so I left them alone.’
    • ‘So when an adult would ask me, I'd tell them one or the other and they'd smile and leave me alone.’
    • ‘We've had to stop him from coming in now because he just won't leave our customers alone.’
    • ‘We ask the council to stop this proposal and leave the bus stop alone.’
    • ‘Did you think that some ancient wizard just creates the portal in some abandoned area and just leaves it alone forever?’
    • ‘Kathy smiled and left Leah alone because she saw she had touched a chord with this conversation.’