Definition of lean on in English:

lean on

phrasal verb

  • 1Rely on or derive support from:

    ‘they have learned to lean on each other for support’
    • ‘So many years of his life had been spent praying for the time when he could lean on someone, trust someone to be there.’
    • ‘It can be tempting to lean on your partner and rely on them for reassurance, but the stronger you are as an individual, the stronger and more equal your relationship will be.’
    • ‘On the other side of the coin, in times of crisis, he was always there, a rock to lean on… someone I could always count on to pull a rabbit out of the hat… or throw the sun back into the sky for us.’
    • ‘David had taught her to lean on other people, to trust, and to love.’
    • ‘Science has moved on and so have the tools the police rely upon and lean on in order to prosecute and gain convictions.’
    • ‘You need people you trust to lean on, someone steady in your world that has just been severely and tragically rocked.’
    • ‘She really didn't have the option to rely on or to lean on anyone else on that team her freshman year.’
    • ‘This is not a guy that has a pitch he can lean on, but instead relies on control and changing speeds.’
    • ‘You hope and trust he has a few good men to lean on among his teammates.’
    • ‘He obviously needed someone to lean on, someone to trust.’
    • ‘The more it leans on the franchise, industry observers believe, the more it risks killing the golden goose.’
    • ‘Individuals in these acute situations often seek guidance from someone they can trust or lean on.’
    • ‘Let them lean on you, when they need it.’
    • ‘The team hopes to lean on the ground game and keep pressure off its quarterbacks.’
    • ‘She digs deep and leans on her faith in God and believes her life will change.’
    • ‘I'm the sort of dependable type he can lean on a lot, and he does.’
    • ‘Another cause for consternation is peddlers of bad policy leaning on conventional wisdom that, while generally believed, turns out to be false at every turn.’
    • ‘His conclusion leans on, rather than derives from, the discussion of gambling that precedes it.’
    • ‘You become involved when others lean on you and depend on you.’
    • ‘I felt so dependent, I needed someone to lean on, and the only person I knew that would take me I had pushed away.’
    depend, be dependent, rely, count, bank, pin one's faith
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  • 2informal Put pressure on (someone) to act in a certain way:

    ‘a determination not to allow the majority to lean on the minority’
    • ‘Just lean on them, big fella; they'll feel the pressure.’
    • ‘They leaned on members of Congress, who in turn pressured the commission to back off.’
    • ‘Critics says the US Government is leaning on its neighbour, under pressure from the drugs industry.’
    • ‘For the kids there had to be 100% loyalty to her or she would lean on their little minds until they folded under the pressure and let her have her way.’
    • ‘Elections are subject to administrative pressure, some electors are directly leaned on, and counts are manipulated and turnout unconvincingly fixed.’
    • ‘The latest twist seems to be for conservationists to ask the World Bank to lean on the government to reduce logging taxes.’
    • ‘If it tries to make big changes in the BBC now, it could look as if it is genuinely attempting to lean on, to pressure the Corporation, and obviously it won't want to be seen to do that.’
    • ‘Having your economic team lean on the Bank of Japan to pump more liquidity into the banking system wasn't wise.’
    intimidate, coerce, domineer, browbeat, bully, tyrannize, pressurize, threaten, compel, pressure, put pressure on, force, drive, impel, constrain
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