Definition of leakiness in English:



  • See leaky

    • ‘During the much slower return stroke, leakiness drops, not much new water flows through the hairs, and the water from the outward stroke is trapped there until the next flick clears it out and brings in a fresh batch of water and aromas.’
    • ‘But its leakiness grew worse in the tropics, and an inspection of the careened vessel in the Gulf of Carpentaria revealed the worst.’
    • ‘These residual responses could reflect leakiness of the mutants, redundant olfactory mechanisms, or some kind of nonspecific odorant response.’
    • ‘The administration's relative openness and extreme leakiness made the White House like a body with translucent skin.’
    • ‘A dietary deficiency has been linked to abnormal capillary leakiness, pain and weakness in the extremities, and nocturnal leg cramps.’