Definition of leakage in English:



mass noun
  • 1The accidental admission or escape of liquid or gas through a hole or crack.

    ‘we're saving water by reducing leakage’
    count noun ‘there have been no leakages of radioactive material’
    • ‘Postoperative air leakage is the most frequent complication after lung surgery, regardless of whether an operation is performed by thoracotomy or by use of endoscopic techniques.’
    • ‘All businesses using formalin are required to ensure there are no leakages of the cancer-causing chemical, which is mostly used to preserve corpses or as a disinfectant.’
    • ‘Programmed to move along a pre-determined path around the reactor or industrial unit, the robot sports a gas detector to sense leakages, and an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles in its path.’
    • ‘Any discontinuities through the metal forming the wall of the casting, however small, are potential sources of leakage.’
    • ‘The discovery of the pipeline leakage was as follows.’
    • ‘He said he believed that the cracks and the water leakages were caused by " internal structural problems’.’
    • ‘For example, if somebody has urge incontinence and tries to cut down on fluids to cut down on leakage, they may actually end up with more urgency.’
    • ‘Millions of litres of water are unaccounted for every month in Johannesburg because of leakages in pipe networks or through leaking taps and fixtures in homes.’
    • ‘If moisture still is present and there is a chance of leakage, the sealed clothing bags should be placed inside a larger paper bag with the top of the second bag left open.’
    • ‘Water leakages had been reduced dramatically.’
    • ‘Members are reminded to conserve water during the dry weather and be alert for leakages and report them to the area representative.’
    • ‘The pipeline failed because of the leakages at the six leak sites.’
    • ‘This project was aimed at identifying leakages which would reduce both water pilferage and contamination.’
    • ‘Harnessing such water requires relatively large initial outlays and can pose an environmental hazard because of potential brine leakage into the source aquifer.’
    • ‘He drew a picture to illustrate the problem: leakages in toilets not only caused bad smells but allowed bacteria and viruses to contaminate the air inside the apartments.’
    • ‘Improvements which have cut leakages from the system by more than 40 per cent had contributed to its ability to cope with the lack of rainfall, he added.’
    • ‘Water and sewage leakages also create traffic congestion as the roads become potholed.’
    • ‘Disclosure of pan leakage is vital information to a home buyer, and such considerations clearly outweigh the risks and inconveniences of water testing.’
    • ‘A camera-studded electronic submarine has inspected the forty-five miles stretch of the aqueduct and will help to determine if the water leakages will affect the life span of the giant tunnel.’
    • ‘Gas alarms can detect leakages 95 per cent of the time.’
    1. 1.1Physics The gradual escape of an electric charge or current, or magnetic flux.
      ‘check for voltage leakage from every possible source’
      as modifier ‘leakage currents’
      • ‘Their use is not recommended for many reasons, including electrical current leakage.’
      • ‘Current leakage and direct coupling when an energized metal active electrode tip comes in contact with another metal instrument or object potentially can damage or cause injury to the device or tissues.’
      • ‘The leakage current wastes power, draining the battery used by mobile devices.’
      • ‘Negative charge is generally carried to the surface by leakage currents and lightning strikes beneath clouds.’
      • ‘Non-destructive testing services also will be available, including eddy current, flux leakage and ultrasonic inspection.’
      discharge, leaking, oozing, seeping, seepage, drip, percolation
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  • 2Deliberate disclosure of confidential information.

    ‘suspicion as to the source of the leakage had fallen on a variety of people’
    ‘the constant leakage of the party's executive minutes to the papers’
    • ‘In conducting such home visits, there is a risk of leakage of information about the individual's decision to participate in the trial to the family and other community members.’
    • ‘Investors have very little hard facts to look at when choosing one fund over another and more detailed information about the total leakage you can expect for all costs is an excellent place to start.’
    • ‘And even that never would have happened if not for the fact that California has a law requiring disclosure of leakage of personal information.’
    • ‘Any company fears leakage of trade secrets and office politics.’
    • ‘Researchers at Imperial College, London are developing mathematical and programming techniques to better assess the extent that systems prevent the leakage of confidential information.’
    • ‘A recent survey ranked confidential information leakage as the major content issue facing corporations, after spam.’
    • ‘Should you have reasons to reject this offer, please destroy this mail, as any leakage of this information will be too bad for us.’
    • ‘I think it needs to be said right from the outset that the Metropolitan Police has a problem with information leakage.’
    • ‘Any messages that breach regulations or corporate policy - including theft or leakage of intellectual property - are flagged for review and blocked before they are sent.’
    • ‘Thus, the system improves efficiency and arrests leakage of revenue through theft, pilferage etc.’
    • ‘Even if you can persuade yourself your own people aren't going to be a source of leakage of either readers or technical data, are you seriously going to trust everybody out there?’
    • ‘But it is a difficult world in that sense, and the leakage of information is, as I said earlier on, one of our key strategic concerns.’
    • ‘Just in terms of people phoning up their relatives and friends in the West and asking them what's happening, or travelling to and fro, there is some obviously leakage of information into the East.’
    • ‘By not revealing carrier status to those who have been screened, it minimizes the negative impact on self-image, as well as the potential for leakage of the information to others.’
    • ‘This suggests that market reaction was dissipated quickly and that no leakage of information occurred prior to the event.’
    • ‘This is a potentially huge source of digital leakage and widespread copying right smack in the heart of the living room.’
    • ‘Also, it's possible for some recording equipment to pick up extraneous signals - radio signals, for example, or signal leakage from other nearby sources.’
    • ‘I look forward to seeing those results, especially if the controls on information leakage can be tightened up.’
    • ‘I trust him, and I think he's very smart to then leave it up to the prosecutors to make sure they get their conviction, because cases can be lost on too much publicity and too much leakage from the beginning.’
    • ‘Although recent reductions in the price of these drugs are welcome, the rapid increase in legal distribution will inevitably increase illegal leakage into the private sector.’
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