Definition of leafhopper in English:



  • A small plant bug which is typically brightly coloured and leaps when disturbed. It can be a serious crop pest in warm regions.

    Family Cicadellidae, suborder Homoptera: numerous genera

    • ‘Their larvae will eat large numbers and many varieties of aphids, and also devour mealybugs, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, red spidermites, and a variety of other soft-bodied noxious insects.’
    • ‘The newly seeded alfalfa has plant bugs and potato leafhoppers and established alfalfa has army worms, alfalfa loopers, thistle caterpillars, and variegated cut worms.’
    • ‘The grubs of the delicate lacewing gorge themselves on greenfly, as well as leafhoppers and other soft-bodied pests.’
    • ‘The adults of most species feed on nectar and honeydew produced by aphids and other sucking insects like leafhoppers, whiteflies and mealybugs.’
    • ‘Keep a close watch for pests, especially aphids and leafhoppers, which can spread diseases as they feed.’