Definition of leaf fish in English:

leaf fish


  • A small, deep-bodied, predatory freshwater fish, with mottled brownish-green coloration that gives it a leaflike appearance.

    Two species in the family Nandidae: Monocirrhus polyacanthus of South America, and Polycentropsis abbreviata of Africa

    • ‘There are ghost pipefish, harlequin pipefish, an array of different frogfish, leaf fish, small octopus, sea horses - the list goes on.’
    • ‘Small animals like the leaf fish and the ghost pipe fish make exciting discoveries.’
    • ‘I watched as a poisonous leaf fish was evicted from the dwelling of one of the many moray eels; lionfish, electric rays and scorpionfish abound.’
    • ‘Grand sea fans enliven a reef inhabited by leaf fish, lionfish, and a polychromatic array of nudibranchs.’
    • ‘On one dive, the guides found a couple of leaf fish, the most beautiful I had ever seen, hiding away in a crevice; beside them several lionfish were hunting glassfish.’