Definition of leading tone in English:

leading tone


North American
  • another term for subtonic
    • ‘A strongly accented weak beat, an isolated high note, an unresolved leading tone - all these suggest that somewhere, somehow, later on their unrealised implications will be ‘actualised’.’
    • ‘The absence of a leading tone in most tropoi results in the demotion of the fifth chord to a secondary chord, with other chords now assuming a ‘dominant’ role.’
    • ‘This line of thinking reasons that the resolution of the leading tone, for example, must be rendered by Ti to Do; Si to La, as occurs in La-Based Minor, simply will not do.’
    • ‘For example, the leading tone, the seventh note of the musical scale, known as ti (doh re me fa so la ti… doh) predicts or refers to the tonic, doh.’
    • ‘A good tool for determining the new key is to identify the new leading tone, which is located one half step below the new tonic.’