Definition of leading question in English:

leading question


  • A question that prompts or encourages the answer wanted.

    ‘after a few leading questions about his earlier life, he talked almost non-stop’
    • ‘Always answer a leading question with another question and you stand a good chance of avoiding pitfalls.’
    • ‘Their methodology, however, can be suspect: the facts can be toyed with and leading questions can be asked, resulting in dubious apparent support for the poll commissioner's political agenda.’
    • ‘I also read the questionnaire, and found it free of leading questions.’
    • ‘Such opinion polls are questionable because they ask loaded and leading questions.’
    • ‘Transcripts of the original interrogations - no other word will fit - show not merely leading questions, but a remorseless verbal pummelling of the children from which only one answer would free them.’
    • ‘Hypnosis is risky because it is easy to lead and encourage the patient by suggestive or leading questions.’
    • ‘The campaign has also claimed that the Executive have also ‘hoodwinked’ the public into backing the ban by providing leading questions in its official consultation document.’
    • ‘So on over half the questions - specifically, the less vague and leading questions - massive differences like these resulted.’
    • ‘The council survey was a classic case of the local authority getting the answer it wanted by asking leading questions, and only consulting people they knew would give the response it was looking for.’
    • ‘So, all the books tell me, you have to be very careful when framing questions so that you don't introduce bias, or leading questions or try to put words into people's mouths.’
    • ‘It was a shamelessly leading question, but I still took exquisite pleasure in her answer.’
    • ‘Avoid these pitfalls: typos, poor use of English, addressing more than one issue in a single question, asking leading questions, and failing to present questions in a logical order.’
    • ‘Many of her answers were the result of leading questions which made it difficult to assess her actual recollection of these events.’
    • ‘In the first instance plaintiff's counsel asks a leading question and follows it with a question for which the witness is obviously prepared.’
    • ‘They produce the answers they know he wants to his leading questions.’
    • ‘The Professor of Political Philosophy gave full and frank answers to the leading questions put to him, quoting philosophers like Immanuel Kant with ease.’
    • ‘She said students learned a lot about how to put together a proper survey and about the pitfalls to avoid such as asking leading questions or ambiguous questions.’
    • ‘The children also had to answer leading questions.’
    • ‘She asks good leading questions to encourage her guests to talk about the subjects she thinks her listeners will find interesting.’
    • ‘Crucial and often leading questions are asked and the answers put the blame on the doorsteps of Mountbatten.’


leading question