Definition of leading lady in English:

leading lady


  • The actress playing the principal female part in a film or play.

    • ‘Film bosses panicked when Billie, who is the leading lady in the film, disappeared for three hours in Romania but later returned.’
    • ‘Her roles - typically a virtuous leading lady pursued by a hero who is thwarted at every turn by a cast of villains - have gripped audiences.’
    • ‘If you can't quite see the actors who are in deep shadow, and you can't quite make out what the leading lady is saying, the evening becomes a bit of an uphill climb.’
    • ‘There is only one thing seriously wrong with the show: the leading lady.’
    • ‘For this dazzling 90-minute retrospective of his career to date, a magnificent round of British leading ladies join him.’
    • ‘There are two stars in the latest production - the leading lady and the scenery designer!’
    • ‘It won a Tony Award for Best Musical, and its leading lady took home the award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical.’
    • ‘Where the show tends to weaken is in its leading ladies.’
    • ‘He had a much easier time with his leading lady in the film version of Evita.’
    • ‘He does so superbly with a knowing and crisp delivery and with a different leading lady for almost every number.’
    • ‘Days away from the opening night of the end of term musical, the leading lady is knocked unconscious.’
    • ‘The leading ladies of the film all do a fine job of throwing their arms over their face while screeching like banshees when trouble arrives.’
    • ‘Nowhere is his focus on fun better represented, however, than in his choice of leading ladies and character actors.’
    • ‘1926 saw her first major success and one that confirmed her status as a leading lady.’
    • ‘It first came to my notice in the middle 1960s when it was on Broadway and had a dull leading lady.’
    • ‘It is a worthy evening, full of humour and close to naughtiness, and provides both its leading ladies with a vehicle which they relish, and consequently, so do we.’
    • ‘The leading ladies only share a handful of songs including I'm Having A Good Time and I've Got A Mind to Ramble.’
    • ‘She had graciously accepted the fact she wasn't a leading lady anymore and worked hard to become a fine character actress.’
    • ‘I wouldn't have even been enrolled in the academy if it weren't for one of the two leading ladies in that unofficial off-stage drama.’
    • ‘But this is a good show that not only evokes Merman's artistry, but also reminds us that she helped transform Broadway leading ladies from demure innocents to tough and knowing broads.’
    leading role, star role, starring role, star part, title role, principal part
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