Definition of leading edge in English:

leading edge


  • 1Aeronautics
    The foremost edge of an aerofoil, especially a wing or propeller blade.

    Compare with trailing edge
    • ‘On this clean surface, the full-size wing was drawn with the leading edge, trailing edge, spars, and ribs all correctly located.’
    • ‘There was a hole in the leading edge of the wing, six inches from the propeller.’
    • ‘Also of note are the large landing lights built into the leading edge of the top wing which were big improvements for operating at night from primitive fields.’
    • ‘The high-mounted wings have a straight leading edge and forward-tapered trailing edge with blunt tips.’
    • ‘Their lengthened nacelles overlapped the leading edge of the wing and were equipped with a streamlined canopy and cabin in which a single gunner was installed.’
  • 2The forefront or vanguard, especially of technological development.

    as modifier ‘leading-edge research’
    • ‘Why would any forward-thinking nation actually destroy its own leading-edge technology?’
    • ‘They go on to point out, correctly, that they are unequipped to make judgments on the relative scientific merits of two highly qualified candidates in a leading-edge research field.’
    • ‘Both the partnerships and the leading-edge sites are already in danger of losing key senior professionals.’
    • ‘How does this affect the development of leading-edge chip-fabrication technology?’
    • ‘It took the leading-edge approach to building a full-length parka that weighs only 19 ounces.’
    • ‘But Paul is also a dreamer, and takes a chance by applying for a job at a leading-edge observatory in outback Australia.’
    • ‘His timely bet on fiber optics in 1992 helped a low-tech cable and tiremaker build a leading-edge telecom components business.’
    • ‘For new graduates, the important thing is to get your foot in the door with a leading-edge company.’
    • ‘It was the one-megabit DRAM at that time and we had a leading-edge product.’
    • ‘The panel on that show talked about this sort of ‘diversity selling’ as both a reflection of reality and a leading-edge phenomenon.’
    • ‘It is killing what was, for a time, the leading edge of wave riding.’
    • ‘With the introduction of yet another leading edge DRAM technology, the company adds to its leadership position in the high-performance DRAM market.’
    • ‘The company also announced several additions to its cadre of leading edge technology solutions.’
    • ‘Capture your memories with a leading-edge technique and wow all your friends.’
    • ‘This is not the same thing as understanding the leading-edge applications of technology in the industry.’
    • ‘At the same time, the factory sector was on the leading edge of the productivity boom, powered by industries producing high-tech equipment.’
    • ‘They need to know what's happening at the leading edge of biology if they're going to tailor-make the design.’
    • ‘The critical skills needed to build a leading-edge career include the ability to be flexible and adaptable and to have a commitment to lifelong learning.’
    • ‘The goal is to allow it to develop the leading-edge chip solutions it needs going forward more cheaply than if the group's various member companies maintain their own semiconductor operations.’
    • ‘Growing a leading-edge technology business in a turbulent economic climate takes guts.’
  • 3Electronics
    The part of a pulse in which the amplitude increases.

    • ‘Unless stated otherwise, Qn and Qp are measured at the leading edge of the test pulse.’


leading edge