Definition of leading counsel in English:

leading counsel


  • The senior barrister of the team which represents either party in a legal case.

    ‘the action was initiated after taking advice from leading counsel’
    • ‘He instructed a firm of solicitors who in turn instructed leading counsel.’
    • ‘It is common ground between the judge, leading counsel for the defence and counsel for the Crown that exceptionally the totality of a trial may be heard in camera.’
    • ‘It says that in the light of environmental and technical assessments and advice received - including legal advice from leading counsel - the county council supports the Northern route option.’
    • ‘Although the appellant, now in custody, has been present at his appeal and able to instruct the solicitors and leading counsel who now represent him, no submission in support of the second explanation has been advanced to this court.’
    • ‘We note that neither the Commission nor leading counsel makes a complaint about this part of the summing up or the manner in which the judge dealt with this witness.’
    • ‘The claimants were represented by prominent leading counsel and three juniors.’
    • ‘When it did seek advice, its own leading counsel concluded that to pay different bonuses to different classes of member was ‘illegitimate’.’
    • ‘She was represented at trial by leading counsel and solicitors.’
    • ‘I consider I can do so, having had a reading day and heard three days of submissions by leading counsel and solicitors.’
    • ‘The leading counsel for the defence in his letter to the court does not make the position as clear, but once it is appreciated that he was referring to three shots and not a single shot, it is apparent that this must also be his explanation.’
    • ‘His leading counsel's skeleton argument lodged for the purposes of this appeal seems to accept that he had somehow undertaken the responsibility for doing this, but so far as it did that concession was withdrawn.’
    • ‘When advice was sought, their leading counsel questioned the legitimacy of the actions and pointed out there was no legal precedent which could be construed as giving them that right.’
    • ‘It is a relatively minor matter; it was a half-day hearing and leading counsel was instructed on behalf of the claimant.’
    • ‘Upon advice from leading counsel, the appellant did not give evidence.’
    • ‘A legal source who spent time in Bermuda on the case agreed: ‘The leading counsels could typically expect close to £1million a year from the case.’’
    • ‘So leading counsel carefully persuaded the witness to confirm and underline her recollection of events no doubt with the intention of undermining her credibility at a later stage of the trial.’
    • ‘It is to be noted that no such suggestion was made on behalf of any one of the defendants by leading counsel then appearing for them.’
    • ‘Accordingly, she reduced leading counsel's brief fee from £8,000 to £7,500, and junior counsel's brief fee to £3,750.’
    • ‘In the Crown Court her interests were adequately represented by leading counsel for the Defendant.’
    • ‘At one point leading counsel told the appellant he was optimistic because he had some experience of the judge.’