Definition of leading aircraftman in English:

leading aircraftman


  • A rank held by a man in the RAF, above aircraftman and below senior aircraftman.

    • ‘Workshop attendees ranged in rank from leading aircraftman / woman to squadron leader and were drawn from units across the Air Force.’
    • ‘A 200 mg patch of the chemical agent was placed on the leading aircraftman's skin.’
    • ‘He had previously enjoyed a career in the nascent Royal Air Force as a leading aircraftman in the 1920s.’
    • ‘A leaidng aircraftman from RAAF Base Darwin gained representative rugby union honours in the annual Australian Rugby Shield.’
    • ‘In 1942 he closed the business and joined the RAF, serving in Coastal Command stations until he was posted to India, where he was a leading aircraftman in a maintenance unit.’
    • ‘In particular, it would not normally be expected that a pilot officer would competently be able to fulfil all the duties commensurate to the rank of squadron leader and the same for a leading aircraftman to sergeant.’
    • ‘The 24-man team, ranging in age, rank and experience from leading aircraftmen to group captains, is the pick of the 30-odd hopefuls who turned out on February 27 at Blacksmith's Beach south of Newcastle for the Air Force selection trials.’
    • ‘George was a 19-year-old leading aircraftman in the RAF, billetted in Blackpool with his pal.’
    • ‘To conduct the planned activities safely, it was split into four groups, with senior leading aircraftmen and women and junior corporals appointed as team leaders.’
    • ‘Albert, who was a leading aircraftman in the RAF's 33 Squadron, was in Crete when German paratroopers began the first entirely airborne assault in the history of warfare.’


leading aircraftman