Definition of leaden-footed in English:



  • Slow and laborious in movement.

    ‘a big, heavy man who tends to be a bit leaden-footed’
    • ‘After a promising opening game, Capriati now appears to look leaden-footed.’
    • ‘He was pained that the last FA Cup-tie at Maine Road was a shuffling, leaden-footed business.’
    • ‘A shift-up of the gears took Huckerby clear of two leaden-footed defenders.’
    • ‘The City defence seemed to be peopled by leaden-footed men of enormous girth.’
    • ‘A half-time alteration was blatantly required and made when Murray, leaden-footed at left-back, gave way to Maloney.’
    • ‘They were leaden-footed and meek in the challenge and it looked as if they were running on empty, such was the lack of urgency in the team.’
    • ‘As it poured down it seemed to drain Irish limbs; for half of this game they looked exhausted, leaden-footed, red-faced, blistering in the heat.’
    • ‘He seems even more leaden-footed than his predecessor, letting a fancy metropolitan elite from London dance round him.’
    • ‘Leaden-footed and clearly pained by movement, her lack of mobility was accentuated by the booming baseline shots and the predatory instincts of Williams.’
    • ‘Having celebrated his graduation with a vigorous, table-top dance, why does the hero turn into a leaden-footed klutz?’
    unhurried, leisurely, measured, moderate, deliberate, steady, sedate, slow-moving, slow-going, easy, relaxed, unrushed, gentle, undemanding, comfortable
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