Definition of lead guitarist in English:

lead guitarist


  • A person who plays lead guitar in a rock or pop group.

    ‘the world's most famous lead guitarist’
    • ‘Everyone, from her lead guitarist to bassist to keyboardist, was highly talented in his or her own right.’
    • ‘The lead guitarist looks and plays the part.’
    • ‘The musicianship was bang-on, with major points going to the drummer and lead guitarist, the latter making sweet outer space noise with his guitar.’
    • ‘Despite a tuning problem creeping up on him throughout the set, the lead guitarist showed himself to be a star in his own right.’
    • ‘We have a reprieve in the form of a rapidly improving lead guitarist.’
    • ‘Their lead guitarist is now capable of a pretty almighty din.’
    • ‘It was our original lead guitarist who wanted to do the band name like that back in '92.’
    • ‘The lead guitarist is anti-social, stays in his own corner, and doesn't face the audience.’
    • ‘The lead guitarist uses a synth effect on his instrument.’
    • ‘I always feel that I've become a lead guitarist to accompany my voice; I was a singer first.’
    • ‘Something tells me the lead guitarist is a bit unsatisfied with his role in the band.’