Definition of lead-free in English:



  • (of petrol) without added tetraethyl lead.

    • ‘‘That has led to the virtually lead-free fuel status we currently enjoy,’ he said.’
    • ‘With the introduction of lead-free petrol, hopefully the figures should fall, as they have in Delhi and Mumbai, which require unleaded gasoline.’
    • ‘In the same way that oil companies moved rapidly to lead-free petrol, PC manufacturers wish to cut out the contaminating element by moving to non-lead alternatives.’
    • ‘‘The engines will be using lead-free fuel and will have the most modern catalytic converters so there should not be a problem,’ he said.’
    • ‘Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh have now all recently switched to lead-free petrol (after different phase-ins in the three countries), thereby reducing lead levels substantially in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘This will be done by using lead-free petrol and by fitting catalytic converters to vehicles.’
    • ‘This may be caused by carcinogenic additives to lead-free petrol such as benzene.’
    • ‘By 2005, the entire continent will be using lead-free gasoline.’
    • ‘The big difference with the JTS engine is that it can use ordinary lead-free petrol, while still giving worthwhile improvements in power and torque outputs over the existing 2.0 litre twin spark unit.’
    • ‘Public awareness of the problem has led to the wide use of lead-free petrol and reduced levels of environmental lead.’
    • ‘A precedent for the scheme was established when the development agency was involved in subsidising the installation of lead-free petrol pumps in remote areas in the 1980s - but this time the fuel companies are eager to be involved.’
    • ‘Initially lead-free fuel was needed for catalyst-equipped cars introduced into the U.S. and Japan markets in the mid-1970s.’
    • ‘The average blood lead level of Johannesburg children taking part in a study has dropped by 25 percent since the introduction of lead-free petrol in 1996, the SA Medical Research Council said yesterday.’
    • ‘The improvement is due to the city's encouragement of lead-free petrol which started in 1997.’