Definition of lead-footed in English:



North American
  • 1Slow; clumsy.

    ‘the most lead-footed guy can try aerobic moves’
    • ‘H looked lead-footed trying to manoeuvre in the pre-start against rivals who have been perfecting these dark arts for years.’
    • ‘He is shedding an unwanted reputation as an iron-gloved, lead-footed fielder who has no range and is prone to errors.’
    • ‘Bobby Orr started the phenomenon in an era when a defenseman had primarily been a lead-footed, plodding, muscle-bound player whose job was to stand on the blue line and hit people.’
    • ‘Their first-round opponent, the Bucks, had enough team speed to run with the Nets, but New Jersey's next two foes, the lead-footed Celtics and Pistons, were run out of the gym in sweeps.’
    • ‘Even for lead-footed teams, the pace will pick up because the 10-second rule (the time allotted for a team to get the ball to halfcourt) has been cut to eight seconds.’
    • ‘And it does it all so seamlessly that it saves lead-footed klutzes like me from all manner of problems without my even knowing it.’
    • ‘His first step is death to lead-footed left tackles.’
    • ‘Political wisdom is more likely to be discovered through experiments in 50 different state laboratories than by lead-footed trial and error in one national laboratory…’
  • 2Tending to drive too quickly.