Definition of leachate in English:



mass nountechnical
  • Water that has percolated through a solid and leached out some of the constituents.

    • ‘Modern landfill sites, however, are lined with waterproof materials such as clay before being filled, and have collection systems that pump leachate to on-site treatment plants.’
    • ‘If accepted by Essex County Council, the plans would see the new facility use air, water and leachate, liquid produced by decomposing waste, to treat household waste in two 40-metre long concrete processing plants.’
    • ‘Then they poured distilled water into the columns and captured this leachate as it flowed out the bottom into flasks.’
    • ‘Already, from the illegal dumping that has already been done at the site, toxic leachate has polluted ground water reaching the Carrigower and Slaney river systems.’
    • ‘All landfills, including those not in use, produce landfill gases and leachate, or water that has permeated the surrounding soil.’