Definition of lazy in English:



  • 1Unwilling to work or use energy.

    ‘he was too lazy to cook’
    • ‘But my experience with talented people is that many are lazy and unwilling to work hard to nourish their talent.’
    • ‘Our bikes would lie like lazy dragons on their sides behind us, with their front wheels poking into the air, spinning.’
    • ‘They have contributed more than enough to society, and deserve better than to be branded backward and too lazy to learn English.’
    • ‘He's also rather lazy and has to be prodded into action more often than not.’
    • ‘They may see themselves as stupid or lazy, rather than as capable in some areas and struggling in others.’
    • ‘Yes, I know it's a laptop but it is rather lazy and doesn't like to be moved.’
    • ‘They are very lazy and would much rather pick up their gun and shoot a meal rather than plant and plan for the harvest.’
    • ‘When the two of them had left her to be in the room on her own, she stretched out on her bed like a lazy cat, then curled over onto her side.’
    • ‘I'm a bit on the lazy side and don't like wasting good prewritten code.’
    • ‘All the best ideas are based on the premise that people are fundamentally lazy, and would rather be on their sofa than anywhere else.’
    • ‘I had been branded as lazy and irresponsible, so it felt right when I, too, dropped out of college and wound up living back in Raleigh.’
    • ‘My wife isn't lazy, which at times can be rather annoying.’
    • ‘I am a marketer's dream, with my lazy, paranoia-based brand loyalty.’
    • ‘One lizard (rather too lazy - his clawed toes evidently sent to sleep by the sunbathed stone) fell to the ground.’
    • ‘People are lazy and they'd rather exaggerate to get what they want than tell the truth.’
    • ‘Especially if it were a lazy horse who'd rather be hanging around in a paddock somewhere without some bloke on its back whipping it.’
    • ‘A part of me wants to snuggle up against his side and let him loop a lazy arm around my shoulders, but another part knows that I can't.’
    • ‘It only takes about fifteen minutes and soon we are sitting on my couch feeling rather lazy.’
    • ‘Yet for some odd reason parent's seem to prefer that their kids be thought of as lazy rather than ignorant.’
    • ‘He feared for his uncle, an elderly man who was a little on the lazy side.’
    idle, indolent, slothful, work-shy, shiftless, loafing, inactive, inert, sluggish, lethargic, languorous, listless, torpid, enervated, slow-moving, slow, heavy, dull, plodding
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    1. 1.1 Characterized by lack of effort or activity.
      ‘they were enjoying a really lazy holiday’
      • ‘With its clear glass walls the main reading room resembles a fish tank, brimming with lazy activity as readers come and go.’
      • ‘His normal gait, more a lazy stroll than an upright walk, was even more exaggerated by the long-handled loads he appeared to be toting in each hand.’
      • ‘This programme has proved so popular that it is once again on the airwaves in time for the long lazy summer days and the inevitable treks around the various gardening centres.’
      • ‘Tap into your senses to relish the last lazy days of summer.’
      • ‘As for the rest of the weekend, it was rather lazy.’
      • ‘But the domination of television and video is softening our minds; we opt for its lazy entertainment rather than read.’
      • ‘The next day, being Saturday, was a lazy day; except Fredi received a rather out-of-the-blue phone call.’
      • ‘Don't bypass East London - we are a great place for family holidays and those lazy, hazy days of summer.’
      • ‘It is another acoustically driven gem, a lazy but beautifully constructed effort that features some wonderfully whimsical lyrics and a genuinely relaxing vibe.’
      • ‘Every Wednesday, rain or shine, a minimal cover charge allows you to support local and regional musicians while enjoying a lazy summer evening in picturesque settings.’
      • ‘Research has found that long, lazy summer holidays could be putting children's literacy skills at risk.’
      • ‘It also means exercising regularly and opting for active living choices rather than the lazy ones.’
      • ‘On lazy spring weekends, sometimes I just don't want to cope with the culinary side of Sunday morning.’
      • ‘And, in the hands of a skilled country wine maker, the source of one of the best of English country wines, filled with the heavy-lidded lazy days of summer.’
      • ‘Every song on this disc is slow and lazy in that Jamaican summer vibe.’
      • ‘It's a lazy, hot summer day, and I don't feel like breaking a sweat.’
      • ‘It was a hazy, lazy summer's day in most parts of the Yorkshire region yesterday - and today's bank holiday weather looks set to be similar.’
      • ‘The languid, back-and-forth rhythm of a swaying swing slows time on a lazy summer day.’
      • ‘Set on five acres beside a stream, the cottage sleeps nine and is perfect as a lazy retreat or an activity base.’
      • ‘Rather than anticipating lazy, hazy days spent relaxing after the stress of study, this week she was busy making the final preparation for her mission of mercy.’
      idle, indolent, slothful, work-shy, shiftless, loafing, inactive, inert, sluggish, lethargic, languorous, listless, torpid, enervated, slow-moving, slow, heavy, dull, plodding
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    2. 1.2 Showing a lack of care.
      ‘lazy writing’
      • ‘But this review is so rife with filler and inconsistencies itself that I wonder if it isn't just another instance of lazy writing.’
      • ‘I've got this kind of gut feeling that using italics, bold, ellipsis, exclamation marks in your writing is lazy.’
      • ‘This could easily be an excuse for lazy writing, but I felt enough smart moves were made to forgive the bad ones as mistakes by the characters.’
      • ‘I tend to get lazy with my writing without people to point out weaknesses and stuff, so thanks!’
      • ‘Despite the constant snipings of columnists whose lazy writing is matched only by their conceit, he knows the winning line is in sight with Scotland and Ireland still very much in the hunt.’
      • ‘There weren't any real clouds, just a few half-hearted, lazy efforts that the sky had probably felt obligated to make, but that didn't dim the sun in any way.’
      • ‘Just because you say it's acceptable to rearrange history to suit your lazy writing technique doesn't mean we are mindless lemmings who are going to believe you.’
      • ‘Such a blanket provision is a lazy effort and a dangerous precedent.’
      • ‘Clearly the database method of writing has become a strong incentive to lazy research and writing.’
      • ‘I would've enjoyed this more if I hadn't just read Stephen King railing against adverbs and lazy writing.’
      • ‘To align the two is lazy thinking and lazy writing.’
      • ‘Certainly it's not the lame, dated jokes, the lazy writing, the slack narrative pacing, the boring matiness of the male ensemble or the overall emptiness of the film.’
      • ‘It comes off as lazy writing, and this show is better than that.’
      • ‘The writing seemed lazy and overly dependent on people having liked the first film and getting nostalgia for it from this one.’
      • ‘It will undoubtedly get people dancing but it feels something of a lazy effort from the Queen of Pop, especially since she built a career out of being an innovator.’
      • ‘He may have spent a great portion of his life in a drug-addled state but he rarely penned a lazy line.’
      • ‘No, actually, I quite like the man's writing style at times, but he can be very lazy as a travel writer.’
      • ‘But here he has resorted to lazy shape-making rather than the rigorous analysis for which he is known.’
      • ‘Someone should take him aside and point out that ‘deus ex’ equals lazy writing.’
      idle, indolent, slothful, work-shy, shiftless, loafing, inactive, inert, sluggish, lethargic, languorous, listless, torpid, enervated, slow-moving, slow, heavy, dull, plodding
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    3. 1.3 (of a river) slow-moving.
      ‘a lazy lowland river’
      • ‘Plans for the 40,000 square-foot zone include a beachside wave pool, a wild water river, two splash flumes, a lazy river ride and spa and plunge pools.’
      • ‘It's at home on bays and inlets sheltered from the open sea, and on lakes and lazy rivers too.’
      • ‘But lazy river it was not as it yielded salmon to 14 lb caught on both fly and spinner and there was also wild brown trout and grayling to over 2lb.’
      • ‘The Aquatic Centre includes a leisure pool, lap pool, waterslide, lazy river, drop slide, sauna and hot tub.’
      • ‘Two lazy rivers wind to the north and south of the Little Town and converge off to the east.’
      • ‘It's the time to reconnect with nature, when kids catch bugs and snakes, grandfathers go fishing and couples take a canoe down a lazy river.’
      • ‘A large bridge, one often traversed by commuters to the city and a place often visited to look down at the lazy river, spanned the waterway in a gentle arc.’
      • ‘Suddenly, she and Horatio were in a rowboat together, lying in each other's arms, on a lazy river.’
      • ‘Hiking a slope to the east, I rose above one of the world's great mountain scenes, trout leaping in the lazy creek and a breeze ruffling the spruce trees.’
      • ‘Jamaica's lush interior is stunning, and the best way to see it is on a lazy river ride, being punted on your own personal bamboo raft.’
      • ‘The cliffs are a reminder that a giant, lazy river sluiced through the prairie as it coursed west to the Pacific, a passage since blocked by the rise of the Andes.’
      • ‘His gentle vocals and picturesque lyrics are akin to floating down a lazy river.’
      • ‘We splashed under a symphony of 40 waterfalls and - my favourite - floated on a rubber tube along the quarter-mile lazy river ride.’
      • ‘The leisure centre has a 25m indoor pool, a fun pool with 100 ft flume and lazy river rapids as well as an outdoor pool which is used during the summer months.’
      • ‘Time to take a vacation and drift down the lazy river.’
      • ‘It all came swimming back to her, like a lazy river of memories.’
      • ‘Everything pressed down against the small frame floating into the depths of the lazy river.’
      • ‘He penned a large chunk of the epic The Lord of the Rings here, inspired by the rural patchwork of hedges, meadows and woodlands rolling down to the lazy River Ribble.’
      • ‘Besides the main pool, with wave machine and gently sloping shore, there are four fabulous flumes, a lazy river, outdoor hot whirlpool - heavenly!’
      • ‘The lazy stream that skirted the village rose to a torrent, raging down from the moors, but it stayed safe within its deep banks until it reached the water meadows further down where it spread out and lost its force.’
  • 2North American (of a brand on livestock) placed on its side rather than upright.


Mid 16th century: perhaps related to Low German lasich ‘languid, idle’.