Definition of lazurite in English:



mass noun
  • A bright blue mineral which is the chief constituent of lapis lazuli and consists chiefly of a silicate and sulphate of sodium and aluminium.

    • ‘Upon his death, the collection was purchased, and the first 3 Russian specimens (quartz variety heliotrope, ‘Siberia’; malachite, ‘Ural Mountains’; and lazurite, ‘Siberia’) were added to the permanent collection.’
    • ‘Associated minerals include various pyroxenes and zeolites in addition to the more familiar lazurite, sodalite, pyrite, and carbonates.’
    • ‘Lapis lazuli is an ornamental rock formed by the regional metamorphism of limestone; it has blue lazurite (sodium calcium aluminosilicate sulphate), white calcite, and pyrite as its main constituents.’
    • ‘Two German-held bibles both contain lazurite, an expensive mineral that is notably absent from the King George III copy.’
    • ‘He listed amazonite, aquamarine (subsequently named the state gemstone), topaz, gypsum (alabaster and satin spar varieties), lazurite, quartz, and turquoise.’