Definition of Lazarist in English:



  • A member of the Congregation of the Mission, a Catholic organization founded at the priory of St Lazare in Paris by St Vincent de Paul to preach to the rural poor and train candidates for the priesthood.

    Also called Vincentian
    • ‘The Lazarists are installed next to the church - and have been there for many decades, witness their presence at the dedication ceremony of Saunière's church in Rennes-le-Château.’
    • ‘On June 27, 1891, two Lazarist priests and two Catholic officials set out to Ephesus to see the house.’
    • ‘In the beginning, all the people in the village were dependent on the Lazarists in everything.’
    • ‘The priest of Rennes-le-Château had previously in 1891 opened a shrine to Lourdes in the village involving another Lazarist priest from the church of Notre Dame de Marceille.’
    • ‘Teodorico Pedrini was admitted to the Congregation of the Mission, also known as the Lazarists, in 1698.’
    • ‘For five weeks he endured cruel tortures in total silence, then was transferred to another prison, where he found a fellow Chinese Lazarist from whom he could receive the Sacraments.’
    • ‘Up to that point, the Lazarists had completed the formation of 25 young confrères.’
    • ‘He was also involved in assisting the Vincentians in disposing of property they owned in Perryville, Missouri, and in the construction of the Lazarist residence in South St. Louis County.’
    • ‘Today there are Lazarists all over the world.’
    • ‘In 1931, he attended the Lazarist Missionary Seminary in Paris, France where in 1934 he completes his studies.’
    • ‘Two more missionaries, French Lazarists this time, made the arduous journey from China, taking eighteen months to arrive in 1846.’
    • ‘Following the expulsion of the Lazarist priests the school is transformed into an orphanage for Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish children.’
    • ‘However, wishing to reinstitute the pre-war tradition, the Lazarists and the Sisters of Charity organized a pilgrimage of school children to the shrine in 1932 and for the following four years.’
    • ‘They took the name Lazarists from the Priory of St Lazare in Paris, where the original order had been formed in 1632.’
    • ‘The Lazarists later moved to the centre of Isfahan and once again left ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’ in the care of the small community of Catholic Armenians.’
    • ‘He founded the Congregation of the Priests of the Mission or Lazarists to preach especially to country people.’
    • ‘In 1625 he founded an order of secular priests to work in rural areas; it became the Congregation of the Mission, called Lazarists or Vincentians.’
    • ‘Vincent was responsible for establishing two major groups: the Congregation of the Mission, also known as the Vincentians or Lazarists, and the Sisters of Charity.’
    • ‘The Lazarist accepts the necessity of the discipline.’
    • ‘At the time, the parish was ministered by the Lazarist priests belonging to the ‘Congrégation de la mission’ founded by Saint Vincent de Paul.’


From French Lazariste, from the biblical name Lazarus (see lazar).