Definition of lay something on in English:

lay something on

phrasal verb

  • 1British Provide a service or amenity.

    ‘the council provides a grant to lay on a bus’
    • ‘Tickets will be on sale during the week and a bus service will be laid on from the village to the hall and home again that night.’
    • ‘The details of exactly which services will be laid on at each school will be decided by school governors.’
    • ‘Alternate bus routes have been laid on until normal service is resumed.’
    • ‘A spokesman said many more trains had been laid on today and full services should run.’
    • ‘Donating the passes will cost the city a fraction of the headline figure, as no extra services will be laid on.’
    • ‘The tourists took matters a step further and agreed to delay their departure to Zimbabwe provided a charter plane could be laid on for them to fly out on Monday night.’
    • ‘Free bus rides will be laid on, with members of the public also welcome.’
    • ‘Replacement bus services were laid on for rail passengers unable to travel over the weekend.’
    • ‘Even special train services were laid on so people could witness the spectacle.’
    • ‘Early buses and trains were laid on for fans wanting to catch the action in town.’
    provide, supply, furnish, give, fix up, line up, organize, prepare, produce, come up with, dispense, purvey, bestow, impart, make available
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  • 2informal Require (someone) to endure or deal with a responsibility or difficulty.

    ‘this is an absurdly heavy guilt trip to lay on anyone’
    • ‘And that's one thing - when the administration tries to lay this responsibility on the military to make the decision - that's not who makes the decision to go to war.’
    • ‘The participants felt the campaign should lay an equal emphasis on eliminating factors responsible for failure of poor rural families to impart education to their children.’
    • ‘Hoffman lays the main responsibility on historians who, as I mentioned, are so wary of economics.’
    • ‘He repeated his promise that his department was going to take responsibility for laying criminal charges on behalf of the boys if their parents did not do so.’
    • ‘He says it is not fair to lay the entire responsibility on the group, since others may have been involved.’
    • ‘She explains that American women are fortunate because our culture values the family and lays responsibilities on men so women can safely have children.’