Definition of lay something off in English:

lay something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Soccer
    Pass the ball to a teammate.

    ‘Jules laid the ball off to the striker’
    • ‘They passed to each other, they ran past each other, they laid the ball off to each other.’
    • ‘No forward likes to have someone on top of them, they just end up laying the ball off with passes.’
    • ‘The 20-year-old opened the scoring in the 27th minute when he intelligently held the ball up before laying it off for Sunderland's talismanic midfielder.’
    • ‘The second red should have been for an elbow to the head after he'd laid the ball off.’
    • ‘He lays the ball off to Heskey, who drives a useless cross against the legs of the nearest Swedish defender.’
  • 2Paint the final layer on a wall or other surface.

    ‘lay off the paint with very light brush strokes’
    • ‘When it comes to laying the paint off to ensure no brush marks are left behind I always use the following analogy when training people to paint’
    • ‘After applying by roller, laying off the paint with a brush or pad will give you an improved finish.’
    • ‘When you get good at this, you can quickly reverse each consecutive pass to lay the paint off in one direction.’
  • 3(of a bookmaker) insure against a loss resulting from a large bet by placing a similar bet with another bookmaker.

    • ‘This scenario will happen to you and the trick is to accept it, lay the bet off and accept a small loss and then move onto your next trade.’
    • ‘Even then you had to wait whilst he phoned and laid the bet off before they accepted it.’
    • ‘Any sensible fella would have laid the bet off by now, guaranteeing him a fair wedge.’