Definition of lay someone up in English:

lay someone up

phrasal verb

  • Put someone out of action through illness or injury.

    ‘he was laid up with the flu’
    • ‘Five months ago, he was laid up in a hospital bed unable to move after a freak training accident on Lake Karapiro, when he was hit by a water skier.’
    • ‘I read the first four back in 2000 when I was laid up with a nasty bronchial thing.’
    • ‘An infection set in and Gary was laid up for another six months.’
    • ‘Her many friends are so sorry to hear she is laid up and we all wish her a speedy recovery.’
    • ‘I was laid up for 4 weeks following a hernia operation.’
    • ‘It was fairly serious, he lost a lot of blood and he was laid up for a long time.’
    • ‘At the time I was laid up with a freshly broken ankle, so it certainly took my mind off the pain.’
    • ‘The injury that laid him up for so long, and caused him to wreak revenge was self-inflicted, a result of that desperate lunge.’
    • ‘I was given a flu vaccination but it had an adverse reaction and meant I was laid up for a while.’
    • ‘My Uncle was laid up with an arthritic problem, but from his couch or hobbling about he would carry on renovation to his house.’
    bedridden, ill in bed, confined to bed, on the sick list, out of action, out of commission, housebound, immobilized, incapacitated, injured, disabled
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