Definition of laxity in English:



mass noun
  • 1Lack of strictness or care.

    ‘the result of such fiscal laxity is a budget deficit’
    ‘laxity of discipline’
    • ‘Impatience with ethical laxity is common to all the TV judges.’
    • ‘He was a theologian with well-defined critiques of secularism and unhealthy laxity of behavior on moral precepts.’
    • ‘The looseness of the journalistic life, the seeming laxity of the newsroom, is an illusion.’
    • ‘There is also an implied promise of laxity for future polluters.’
    • ‘Our animal friends are benefiting from the relative laxity of federal veterinary regulations.’
    • ‘The right to divorce is not a right to sexual laxity.’
    • ‘The author admonishes British authorities on the laxity of their border controls.’
    • ‘I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer that was discovered very late due to my laxity in caring for my health.’
    • ‘Having allowed laxity to creep into the fiscal policy management, control was reimposed in the last two years.’
    • ‘More stringency on the part of the regulators would go some way to undermining the comparative monetary laxity now established by the Fed.’
  • 2Looseness of a limb or muscle.

    ‘over-stretching can result in joint laxity’
    • ‘Improvement in skin laxity was observed in the majority of patients.’
    • ‘She may have slight cervical laxity, but elasticity is still good.’
    • ‘Some research indicates that estrogen and other female hormones create a laxity, or looseness, in the joints that can make knees less stable.’
    • ‘Because of connective tissue laxity, care should be taken in the degree of stretching.’
    • ‘Female hormones also lead to ligamentous and tendon laxity.’
    • ‘When you're exhausted, your face reflects your areas of vulnerability, such as skin laxity around the mouth or the deepening of old acne scars on the cheeks.’
    • ‘Aged sun-protected skin is characterized by a general laxity, thinning, and the presence of numerous fine wrinkles.’
    • ‘Body size, build, conditioning, muscle imbalances, fatigue, joint laxity, stress levels, misuse (poor technique), abrupt changes in schedule, playing style, lifestyle choices and equipment set-up are reviewed.’
    • ‘Thirty patients with mild-to-moderate cheek laxity and 20 with neck laxity received one treatment from the device.’
    • ‘It appears that the major problem accounting for failure of the arthroscopic approach is excessive or recurrent laxity of the articular capsule.’