Definition of lawsuit in English:



  • A claim or dispute brought to a law court for adjudication.

    ‘his lawyer filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles city’
    • ‘It's obvious that prosecutions and lawsuits are far more trouble than they're worth.’
    • ‘Striking rail employees could be charged and lawsuits brought against their union.’
    • ‘Getting back to class action lawsuits, it is a brand new idea and brand new law for the country.’
    • ‘Those divorced through lawsuits still should present the written judgment by the court.’
    • ‘It is on the eve of the defendant's trip to India that the subject matter of the lawsuit arises.’
    • ‘Needless to say there's more than a few class action lawsuits floating about at the moment.’
    • ‘The lawsuit spawned a series of motions for various forms of interlocutory relief.’
    • ‘The classic tactic of corporations facing class action lawsuits of this nature is to stall for as long as possible.’
    • ‘This, I think, is where fast food chains remain vulnerable to class action lawsuits.’
    • ‘Companies that ignore the law face potential exposure to class action lawsuits.’
    • ‘But he warned that those who opt to bring lawsuits might end up with less than those who accept compensation.’
    • ‘The school argued it should be immune from such negligence lawsuits, and a trial court had agreed.’
    • ‘On the news today, maybe you heard about a lawsuit brought by parents of a child who was bullied at school.’
    • ‘The legislation is limited to lawsuits against persons who ordered, abetted, or assisted in the torture.’
    • ‘In a typical lawsuit, such witnesses would be free to speak with any parties or their counsel.’
    • ‘Next day 50 people file lawsuits claiming they were on the bus and were injured.’
    • ‘Is this person likely to be litigious and bring lawsuits crashing down on the company?’
    • ‘The bank is facing up to two dozen lawsuits from investors who claim they lost money by following its investment advice.’
    • ‘The company is the target of several class-action lawsuits, and cites this as an excuse for stonewalling.’
    • ‘The lawsuit claims the company knew that between five and ten percent of their targets were innocent.’
    legal action, suit, suit at law, case, action, cause, legal proceeding, proceedings, judicial proceedings, litigation, trial, legal process, legal dispute, legal contest, bringing to book, bringing of charges, indictment
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