Definition of lawn sale in English:

lawn sale


  • A sale of miscellaneous household goods held on the lawn of a private house.

    ‘she's repainting a crib her husband bought at a lawn sale’
    • ‘Of late, I've become part of the Saturday morning brigade, not early bird shopping or cruising around lawn sales, but checking out the auction properties.’
    • ‘She had been repainting a crib for the baby that she and her husband had purchased at a lawn sale the weekend before.’
    • ‘I don't feel the slightest compunction about damaging the paintwork or cramming Jenny's lawn sale loot inside.’
    • ‘On-the-spot interviews enable those holding the lawn sale to talk up their wares.’
    • ‘Punters are asked for their opinion of each lawn sale and reveal to the world the best bargain they snapped up that morning.’
    • ‘She has scoured every cupboard, shop, and lawn sale in town to find every last button for her creation of a backless fly wire gown.’
    • ‘A young couple come upon a suburban lawn sale with the whole contents of a house spread-out, although there is no owner visible.’
    • ‘They scour garage sales, lawn sales, auctions, flea markets and estate sales for items.’
    • ‘She buys an ornate outdoor setting with six chairs at a lawn sale, along with a wheelbarrow.’
    • ‘After the gadget arrived, you put it in a cupboard for 10 years, never used it, and then sold it in a lawn sale.’