Definition of lawgiver in English:



  • A person who draws up and enacts laws.

    ‘the monarch was supreme executive, lawgiver, judge, and warrior’
    • ‘It basically says that the law is whatever the lawgiver says it is.’
    • ‘There were musicians in my family, warriors, poets, lawgivers.’
    • ‘The lawless reprobate was condoned by the vices of the lawgivers: condoned, that is, for misdeeds short of murder.’
    • ‘So, it seems these lawgivers are indeed above the laws that are so vigorously enforced on unpopular public figures who are supporters of the wrong political party.’
    • ‘This chapter and verse makes clear that only God can be our lawgiver, judge and King.’
    • ‘The reluctance of lawgivers to push conversion to the metric system is due mainly of these three objections by the fundamentalist lobby.’
    • ‘It relieved humanity of the heavy load under which it was groaning and broke the fetters unjust rulers and ignorant lawgivers had put around its feet.’
    • ‘So the perfect judge would have to be the perfect lawgiver, whose laws are not only infinitely complex but also ordered toward a perfectly just society.’
    • ‘If a custom is outgrown, or discovered to be wrong, then some procedure must be available for lawgivers to identify a new way for society to function.’
    • ‘As lawgiver, he reconciled dynastic and Islamic law, enforced justice, and organized provincial administration, land tenure, taxation, and educational/religious hierarchy.’
    • ‘Unlike human laws which imply the existence of a lawgiver, natural laws are simply sophisticated ways of saying ‘That's the way it goes.’’
    • ‘But there is no hint that the other great lawgivers sought even a formal ratification for their codes.’
    • ‘The idea that people decide what is normative in life (called popular sovereignty) is opposed to the Word of God, which teaches that God is sovereign as the final lawgiver.’
    • ‘Perhaps there cannot be laws without a lawgiver.’
    • ‘In international law, violators do sometimes turn out to be lawgivers.’
    • ‘How many lawgivers has the world seen from Solon to this day?’
    • ‘It is no more valid to say ‘because law suggests a lawgiver, a divine lawgiver must exist’.’
    • ‘Pre-emptive war, toothless lawgivers, and corporate greed leave democracy in the hands of the people.’
    • ‘Though we might not like most human ‘rules and laws,’ we might like the idea of a divine lawgiver and laws even less.’
    • ‘Whatever their practical usefulness (which is problematic), the kings who made them clearly wanted to seem sophisticated: lawgivers in the classical mould.’