Definition of lawbreaking in English:


adjective & noun

  • See lawbreaker

    • ‘So, the Republicans will change the law to either politicize the prosecutor's office or retroactively legitimize past lawbreaking, and then proclaim themselves clean.’
    • ‘If we go back to the case of massive resistance to desegregation, we have another example of federal lawbreaking assisted by state officials.’
    • ‘But the prevalence of cultural relativism must take some blame too: For some, a culture of lawbreaking is just as valid as a culture of obedience to the law.’
    • ‘We are tough on lawbreakers, and driving while disqualified is lawbreaking.’
    • ‘What advice do you give them about effectively intentional lawbreaking?’
    • ‘On one occasion when Sue had seen blatant lawbreaking, the police arrived.’