Definition of law office in English:

law office


North American
  • A lawyer's office.

    • ‘She did not learn of her natural mother's existence until she was 13 and of her natural father's identity until she was 16, when her mother took her to meet him at his law office.’
    • ‘Tragically, on January 9, 1874, soon after being transferred to the Helena law office of society president Wilbur Fisk Sanders, the collection was destroyed in a fire.’
    • ‘We know very well where they're spending their time: it's at the law office, suing to stop the new ways of doing things!’
    • ‘He went to law school at the University of Wyoming and opened a law office in Cheyenne in 1980.’
    • ‘I was graduated from law school, and I was working at a law office in the summer time.’
    • ‘Sandra is a West Coast attorney who survived a tragic multiple murder in which the disgruntled loser of a lawsuit burst into her law office shooting.’
    • ‘I did some work for one lawyer who had just opened his law office.’
    • ‘A 50-year-old secretary in a law office consulted me for a possible treatment using hypnosis for her digestive problems.’
    • ‘Returning to Thailand he joined a law firm in Bangkok where he worked for two years before opening up his own law office in partnership with another young lawyer.’
    • ‘It could be that we look at it and say that it must be within the practice of law, because it happened in his law office, and he was filming his staff.’
    • ‘If you could build a classroom in a bus, Dearie thought, you might also build a law office in one.’
    • ‘He stopped defending blacks against apartheid-related charges because he was convinced that his law office was bugged and his phone line tapped.’
    • ‘Franklin's father, B.C. Franklin, was a well-known Tulsa attorney who lost his law office and the family home during the rioting.’
    • ‘After graduating from Columbia Law School, she worked briefly for a Manhattan law firm before opening her own law office in 1954.’
    • ‘I'm hoping Mom will stop at the supermarket on her way home from the law office where she works as a paralegal.’
    • ‘They negotiated with her, asking, ‘Well, if you can't be a lawyer, can you work in a law office?’
    • ‘It boasts two radio stations, a housing corporation, a law office, and affiliate relationships with a host of trade-union locals.’
    • ‘It is noted that the sale was performed by the law office of the current solicitors, yet they have advised that there were no formal documents with regard to this project.’
    • ‘Whether in a law office or a bank, a hospital or a theological college, she reveals the jealousies and affairs, the alliances and enmities that inevitably occur.’
    • ‘Recently, the company framed about 50 pieces - which included antique moccasins, tomahawks and beaded shirts - for a law office.’