Definition of law-giving in English:



  • Relating to the making or enacting of laws; legislative.

    ‘law-giving bodies’
    ‘law-giving powers’
    • ‘God the Father, often called Urizen - the Creator - in Blake's own mythology, represents the law-giving, restrictive and unforgiving enemy of humanity.’
    • ‘God was portrayed as a law-giving and law-abiding being but natural causes were sought to explain the workings of the natural world.’
    • ‘Our law-giving institutions will continue to operate more or less in the dark.’
    • ‘He negotiates a long, perilous journey to a new land where he finds himself worshipped as a demigod, plied with regalia and invested with law-giving powers by a local tribe.’
    • ‘This account is also interesting because it too contains the concept of a law-giving deity.’
    law-making, judicial, juridical, jurisdictive, parliamentary, congressional, senatorial, deliberative, governmental, policy-making, administrative
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