Definition of lavishly in English:



  • 1In a sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious manner.

    ‘a lavishly decorated room’
    ‘the book is lavishly illustrated’
    • ‘This ambitiously conceived and lavishly presented exhibition aims to celebrate the whole range of Venetian Renaissance art.’
    • ‘Some folks simply aren't cat lovers, and this fun, lavishly photographed horror film isn't likely to convert them.’
    • ‘During the Song Dynasty (960-1278) lavishly decorated books were produced using woodblocks.’
    • ‘The court theatre was particularly lavishly equipped.’
    • ‘This scholarly, lavishly illustrated book is the English translation of the Danish original, published in 2002.’
    • ‘Her neighbourhood is lavishly recreated here as a horror set with dark alleys, lugubrious mists and fetid waterways.’
    • ‘There isn't anything radical about sophisticated, lavishly conceived furniture.’
    • ‘She appeared on a great barge, decorated lavishly, with boys fanning her and her gentlewomen standing around her like sea nymphs.’
    • ‘The key image is the lavishly bound red book the sitter rests his hands on, which is titled in Greek "The Labors of Hercules."’
    • ‘The suit is of woollen cloth lavishly embroidered with silver and silver gilt thread and lined with crimson silk.’
    1. 1.1 In a very generous or extravagant manner; in profusion.
      ‘members of the band spent lavishly on their families’
      ‘the kids were praised lavishly by their parents’
      • ‘He built an extravagant palace and lived lavishly.’
      • ‘We were lavishly fed the finest that American agricultural and culinary bounty can provide.’
      • ‘He entertained a large party of British art historians lavishly in the best hotel.’
      • ‘They also spent lavishly collecting American folk art.’
      • ‘The exhibitions are lavishly funded and extremely ambitious in scale.’
      • ‘The Consulate lavishly acknowledged their support for the coup d' etat that brought the new regime into power.’
      • ‘He enjoyed considerable success, being lavishly praised in contemporary poetry.’
      • ‘The author outlines how the organization has lavishly funded both political parties with million of dollars in handouts.’
      • ‘He enjoyed the role of country gentleman, keeping a rather large staff and entertaining lavishly.’
      • ‘He was a notable patron of the arts who made Rome the cultural centre of Europe, spending lavishly on many projects.’