Definition of lavatorial in English:



  • 1Relating to or resembling lavatories.

    ‘the lavatorial utility that was a feature of subway design’
    • ‘The planners replaced them with lavatorial buildings which do nothing to attract shoppers into the town.’
    • ‘He indicates the white, somewhat lavatorial tiles on the wall behind me.’
    • ‘We entered the interview room, which was uncomfortably hot, and painted an even pastel green that still seemed lavatorial.’
    • ‘The architect has lined the vaults with white glazed tiles, and the effect would be lavatorial were it not for detailing.’
    1. 1.1British (of conversation or humour) characterized by undue reference to toilets and their use.
      ‘the comic's lavatorial schoolboy humour appealed to many people’
      • ‘Their humour tends to be sexual, lavatorial and crude.’
      • ‘Much of the humour is lavatorial: the duo find the word ‘bum’ as funny as any four-year-old boy.’
      • ‘The one with the guy standing in the hot bath with bubbles and vapour rising up around him has given cause for much lavatorial humour.’
      • ‘But while the summit sounds like an event readymade for lavatorial humour, most of the discussion will be deadly serious.’
      • ‘They hit upon a winning formula which satisfied the peculiar British liking for lavatorial humour, men in drag, and innuendo, in the tradition of music hall and the saucy picture postcard.’