Definition of lava flow in English:

lava flow


  • A mass of flowing or solidified lava.

    • ‘The lava flow managed to spill over the cooled igneous rock but what little did was diverted away from the town.’
    • ‘We infer that this fluting represents a lithological unit, perhaps a lava flow, within the flanks of the edifice.’
    • ‘Sporadic explosions, ashfall, and an erupting lava flow are clear signs that the volcano is not yet finished.’
    • ‘The lava from the Undara volcano travelled 164 km to create the longest lava flow from one single vent in modern geological time.’
    • ‘The three conical mounds are, apparently, the remains of a volcanic lava flow that, millions of years ago, intruded into the underground sandstone.’
    • ‘Geologists and geophysicists aim to accurately constrain the architecture and facies variations at the lava flow scale.’
    • ‘An extension of an old lava flow that submerged the surrounding beach, the wall begins at 5ft, three yards from the island's shore, and drops to a maximum depth of 65 ft.’
    • ‘The lava flow sequences exposed along the main barrancos do not display any gaps in the volcanic activity.’
    • ‘You'll feel them on a hike along the edge of a molten lava flow on Kilauea, the world's most active volcano, as the heat inside the earth's core rises through the bottoms of your feet.’
    • ‘The last lava flow from the volcano were recorded in 1007 and the mountain contains many tunnels, pillars and other unusual features that formed as the molten basalt cooled.’
    • ‘‘Even on Earth it can be hard to distinguish a lava flow from a mudflow,’ she said.’
    • ‘The largest lava flow on peninsular India spreads over about 5 million square kilometers, covering much of western, central, and southern India.’
    • ‘During the next three years, four inclined shafts were sunk along the strike of the lava flow to develop the lode.’
    • ‘For example, at Iceland's Askja Caldera volcano, which has been active during the past 5,000 years, there is a small crater lake that was created by a 1834 lava flow.’
    • ‘The current lava flows are arms of the larger lava flow that erupted earlier this year.’
    • ‘Should the wall of the lava lake be breached, lava escapes and moves down the side of the volcano as a lava flow.’
    • ‘The lava flow spreads 25 miles north to south, and nine miles east to west.’
    • ‘Steve poked his head out the window and saw that a volcano had erupted and a hot lava flow was headed right towards the hotel!’
    • ‘It did not threaten the local population because the lava flow descended into the Virunga national park.’
    • ‘The native-copper deposits can be further divided into fissure veins, and blanket-type lode deposits that occur in amygdaloidal lava flow tops and sedimentary conglomerate beds.’