Definition of lava dome in English:

lava dome


  • A mound of viscous lava which has been extruded from a volcanic vent.

    • ‘The peninsula of Methana is made of lava domes and lava flows.’
    • ‘About nine years ago, I visited that particular volcano, actually flew on a helicopter right to that lava dome at the center of that crater.’
    • ‘Geologists said the lava dome inside the volcano is now deforming, or growing, by tens, maybe hundreds, of feet.’
    • ‘Rising magma continues to build a lava dome in the crater of Mount St. Helens.’
    • ‘The eruption has been characterized by lava dome extrusion, dome-collapse pyroclastic flows and explosive activity.’
    • ‘Generally, newly erupted lava domes grow in an endogenous regime of growth that represents a thermo-mechanical continuum.’
    • ‘A cluster of seven lava domes found in the eastern part of Alpha Regio.’
    • ‘At Mount St. Helens, a lava dome continues to grow inside the volcano's horseshoe-shaped crater.’
    • ‘Thermal and textural anomalies seen on the surface of the lava domes change markedly during the restive state prior to larger eruptions.’
    • ‘The lower hills at left and at right are lava domes belonging to the Amiata complex.’
    • ‘Geological Survey crews also observed a shift in the crater floor and on part of the 1,000-foot lava dome that essentially serves as a plug for magma, he said.’
    • ‘In the last several days, the roughly 1,000-foot-tall lava dome has risen by about 150 feet.’
    • ‘The Pitons are the remnants of two lava domes that formed about 200-300 thousand years ago.’
    • ‘However, current field analyses of the flow structures suggest the outcrops are individual lava domes.’
    • ‘Experts watching a recent spike in volcanic activity say a lava dome in the mountain's crater is growing.’
    • ‘And it all depends on what's happening under the volcano in the magma body under the lava dome, whether this system will continue to repressurize or not.’
    • ‘Many lava domes grow by internal intrusion of lava that causes swelling and oversteepening of the dome.’
    • ‘Its 2,000-foot height and nearly 2-cubic kilometer volume make it one of the largest lava domes in the world.’
    • ‘Several earlier lava domes formed after May 18, 1980 had been removed by explosive eruptions.’
    • ‘Slowly rising lava domes may grow for months or for several years in the aftermath of explosive eruptions.’