Definition of lava-lava in English:



  • A garment which resembles a wraparound skirt, worn by both sexes in Samoa and some other Pacific islands.

    ‘a lava-lava and sandals is the best thing to wear in July’
    • ‘The women of these islands still wear the woven lava-lavas.’
    • ‘Even important village leaders who work in the city may choose to wear a formal lavalava, a sport shirt, and a wide leather belt around the waist.’
    • ‘Lavalavas or nothing seems to be the only way to feel comfortable while this humidity continues.’
    • ‘While Samoans prefer colorful floral designs in both their lavalava and tops, darker colors are preferred on formal occasions.’
    • ‘The women, adorned in colourful skirts and paints, offered their fine, hand-woven lavalava skirts.’
    • ‘When I'm not in the production rooms, most of the time I'm wearing a beige shirt, a brown suit jacket with the TWR logo prominently on the front and a plain brown lavalava of similar material.’
    • ‘We had everything from bleached surfer dudes to Tongan gentlemen wearing the traditional lava lava.’
    • ‘I sat in the corner in my borrowed lavalava, folding my legs under me so that the soles of my bare feet were respectfully pointed away from our hosts.’


Late 19th century: Samoan.