Definition of launderette in English:


(also laundrette)

Pronunciation /lɔːndəˈrɛt//lɔːnˈdrɛt/


  • An establishment with coin-operated washing machines and dryers for public use.

    • ‘The inevitable happened: it split, disgorging various grubby items onto the road that should have remained a secret between me and the service wash woman at the laundrette.’
    • ‘While waiting for all this to occur, we'll haul our clothes to the neighbourhood laundrette.’
    • ‘While waiting for my laundry in the Lost Sock launderette I decided to go exploring.’
    • ‘There's no doctor's surgery as yet and I can confirm that all of the families appear to have their own washing machines so it looks like there'll be no launderette either.’
    • ‘And he had a little hole in the wall which in daytime was a drycleaning and a laundrette.’
    • ‘One convenience we would have liked to see onboard was a self-service launderette - particularly in light of the ship's longer itineraries.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people suddenly converge on a laundrette and silently stare at a washing-machine while eating bananas.’
    • ‘A few days ago a 30-cover restaurant opened its doors in the former laundrette.’
    • ‘We reached the launderette, and I knocked on the blue door by the side.’
    • ‘The plainclothes policewoman strikes up a conversation with a group of women suspects in the estate's launderette but does not say who she is.’
    • ‘Excellent, I won't need to use that bloody launderette ever again.’
    • ‘At ground level is a mix of shops, cafes, professional chambers, launderettes and similar communal services, and flats.’
    • ‘As for the commercial tenant you mention, is it the laundrette in the basement, or the windowless room for the telemarketing company?’
    • ‘When I was born in 1952, my mother was living in a flat above a launderette in Ellum Broadway.’
    • ‘Alex made her way home, collected her laundry and set out to the local laundrette, her mind churning around the pro's and con's of going to Edinburgh for 6 weeks.’
    • ‘He took his dirty clothes to the local laundrette then threw them in the machine and filled it with powder.’
    • ‘The other building is known as the Old Laundry and used to be a laundrette for Phipps Bridge residents.’
    • ‘They run the country's largest and busiest launderette, in Glasgow.’
    • ‘Once, when living in a bedsit, I did venture into a laundrette but had a distressing experience with my white underwear and a pair of maroon socks.’
    • ‘If enough parents are interested she is also considering setting-up a nappy laundering service through local launderettes.’
    • ‘The resolution of this decision faded slightly when I saw her, and even more so when I finally stepped into the laundrette and bathed in her smile.’
    • ‘That's right its a laundrette which emails you when your washing is done so you can go and get it.’
    • ‘Your employer would have to provide a little on-site launderette, but that is a small price to pay for keeping staff happy.’
    • ‘It includes a bar, restaurant, function room, two suites for meetings, an office, launderette and 26 bedrooms.’
    • ‘Clean spread sheets were easy to maintain in his first overseas bank because it was in a converted London launderette.’
    • ‘The development is due for completion in autumn of next year, when it will include a residents' gym and launderette.’
    • ‘The fully managed complex will include a manager's office, reception area, coffee dock, shop, launderette and security office.’
    • ‘Applicants are invited for a convenience store, pharmacy, bank, crèche, coffee shop, sandwich bar, hair salon, mobile phone outlet, launderette and restaurant.’
    • ‘The town has been without a dry cleaning and laundry business for several years so we were all very pleased to announce the arrival of a laundrette and dry cleaners at Main Street.’
    • ‘He had picked up a bag full of towels instead of the team's kit-bag when he went to the laundrette.’
    • ‘The installation of an industrial tumble dryer means no more trips to the launderette on Skye, an hour away.’
    • ‘I have my own washing machine, cooker and telephone - and therefore do not need to spend inordinate amounts of time in launderettes, cafes and public phone boxes.’
    • ‘Shared facilities might include, as they do elsewhere, launderette, child-minding facilities, dining and open space.’
    • ‘If there's no washing machine, you may have to venture to the underworld which is the laundrette.’
    • ‘I had left the university and I was writing and he used to take me around to his laundrettes in his car.’
    • ‘A new laundrette will soon be opened in Emmett Street where the Credit Union first did business.’
    • ‘Then she moved to Bruff, bought a service station and a small shop and built a supermarket, hairdressers and launderette.’
    washroom, laundry room, dry cleaner's, public wash house, chinese laundry
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